Parking Structures, Garages And Lot Cleaning​

High Quality Commercial Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services

Parking Cleaning is one of the things we do best!

Proper preventative maintenance to parking structures, garages and lots help to avoid unnecessary repairs. We remove loose dirt and debris from surface areas on a regular basis via curb blowing, industrial sweeping, and pressure washing. Your striping and surfaces will have more longevity with less damage by chipping and grinding.  Our services include the following but not limited.

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Power Sweeping

Parking lot power washing services will help prolong the life of your pavement, allowing you to avoid the need for costly paving or asphalt costs down the road. Our highly experienced team is well-equipped to handle power sweeping jobs of all sizes for exterior parking lots, interior parking structures, and underground parkades.

Power Scrubbing

It is important to remove grease and oil from parking stalls, and any buildup on the surface membrane to ensure that your concrete stays durable and long-lasting. Removing these stains is a rather difficult process, but thanks to our powerful scrubbers and cleaning solutions, we’re able to tackle some of the city’s dirtiest parkades and warehouses with ease.

Power Washing

The main goals of power washing your parking lot include removing difficult materials such as:

If left alone, these different materials can corrode your parking lot surface, leading to faster deterioration. To avoid such problems and ensure a clean parking lot, contact us for power washing, parking lot sweeping, and parkade cleaning.